Mission: To Preserve and Share the History of The City of Appleton

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Master list of Meeting Minutes and Reports for Appleton Historical Society

Each months minutes also includes a sumary of the program or presentation for that month.

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1-2017    Vulcan Replica and Early Hydroelectricity - Tom Seidl

2-2017    Appleton Parades -  Greg Otis

3-2017    St Joseph Church and School, 150 Years - Jim Krueger

4-2017    Native Americans of the Fox Valley - Peter Peregrine

5-2017    Appleton East High, 50 years - Cory Otis

6-2017    CANCELLED due to bad storm. moved to 10-2017

7-2017    Cloud Buick -  Steve Cloud

8-2017    The Attic Theater - Berray Billington

9-2017    Pioneer and Riverside Cemeteries - Gwen Sargent

10-2017    Lawrence University - Erin Dix

11-2017    Appleton Picture Show, Bring Photos for Show and Tell

12-2017    15th History Fair Report "Christmas in Appleton, the first 100 years"


1-2016   History of Railroads – Kraig Kasten    

2-2016   Appleton Police Chiefs – Arnie Nettekoven

3-2016    Dairy Queen – Steve Liebziet

4-2016   The Surley Surveyor – Rob Nurre

5-2015    Fox Valley Symphony – Janet and Tom Sutter

6-2016   Hidden Churches – Angie Knutson

7-2016   Appleton War Memorials – Alex Schultz

8-2016   WHBY – Steve Bell

9-2016   Rio Theater and Wurlitzer organ – Tom McNeely

10-2016   The Appleton Picture Show

11-2016   Haunted Appleton – Chad Lewis  and Annual Meeting.

12-2016    History Fair Report


1-2015  Hearthstone, the Making of a Museum   -  Ed Hilgendorf 

2-2015  Valley Fair Mall     Jason Weber

3-2015  St. Joseph’s Cemetery   -   Frank Groh

4-2015  Secura Insurance   -   Steve Smits

5-2015  Jewish History in Appleton  -  Jerry Zabronsky

6-2015  Old Third Ward  -  Antoinette Powell

7-2015  Post Crescent  -  Dan Flannery

8-2015 Growing up in 1960s Appleton  -  Jim Krueger

9-2015  Catholic schools  -  Tony Abts

10-2015  100 block of E. College Avenue  -  Dave Buss and Christine Williams

The Appleton Picture Show and Annual Meeting

12-2015  History Fair Report


 1-2014  Happy New Year 1880,  by Tom and Janet Sutter

2-2014   Boldt Co. 125th Anniversary  with Tom and Oscar Boldt

3-2014   Appleton Bicycling History  by Gwen Sargent

4-2014   Appleton, then and now  by Scott Mahnke

5-2014   Hoffman Construction since 1892,  by Paul Hoffman and Miles Girouard

6-2014   Sherman House and Conway Hotel   by Gary Schierl

7-2014   Heid Music 66 years   by Paul Heid

8-2014   Harry H. Long Moving and Storage since 1917   by John Long

9-2014   Appleton Yacht Club by Larry Konz

10-2014   Appleton's Historic Ravines by Sandy Benton and Fox River Academy Students

11-2014   Appleton Picture Show and Annual Meeting

12-2014 History Fair Report


01-2013 Gwen Sargent and Dave Buss on Appleton Street Names, Pt1

02-2013  Chris Shaw, Director of Utilities, The History of the Appleton Water Department

03-2013  Matt Astleford, St. Elizabeth Hospital Foundation, The History of St. Elizabeth Hospital

04-2013  Tom and Janet Sutter will present  "Unique Homes of Appleton"

05-2013  Matt Jackering, Junior Warden, on the History of Waverly Masonic Lodge #51

06-2013  Phil Sealy will present the history of the Appleton Art Gallery (now the Trout)

07-2013  FVTC Celebrates 100 years of Learning

08-2013  The YMCA, 125 Years in Appleton

09-2013  Jim Krueger, The Story of Presto Products

10-2013  Dave Ogilvie, Pierce Manufacturing’s 100th anniversary

11-2013  Appleton Picture Show.  Historical photos of Appleton -  bring your own to show and tell

12-2013 Histor Fair Report


1-2012 Chloe Siamof – the history of Appleton West High School

2-2012 Brad Brautigam – history of the Appleton Fire Department and 4th History Fair report

3-2012 Tom Boldt on the life of Harry Houdini, his years in Appleton

Ivan “Ike” Spangenberg - The history of the Appleton City Band

Joe Gaerthofner - Appleton's Bloodiest Day: A Civil War Story

6-2012 Chris Mehring, Media Relations for the Timber Rattler's will discuss Appleton's Baseball History

7-2012  Ken Syring – History of Fox Valley airports and aviation

8-2012 Tim Trettin - Brettschneider/Trettin Funeral Parlor, 125 years in Appleton

9-2012 Bill Lecker - History of the Appleton parks system

10-2012 Tony Knuppel, 125 year history of Appleton Marble and Granite

11-2012 Appleton Picture Show-old pics of Appleton shared and discussed

12-2012 Christmas at Conkey's and 5th History Fair Report


1-2011 David Lee, Papermaking in Appleton

2-2011 1st History Fair and John McFadden, The History of Appleton churches, 1850s-1890s

3-2011 Tom McNeely, “The History of Appleton’s Streetcars”

4-2011 2nd History Fair report and Jane Azzi on the Richmond Brothers Mill

5-2011 Erin Dix, Lawrence University-History Of

6-2011 Tricia Adams, Life in Appleton during the Victorian Era

7-2011 Frank Anderson, author of “Wicked Fox Cities”

8-2011 Anne Biebel and Harlan Kiesow - History of Appleton’s locks, dams and canals

9-2011 Janice Krahn, Archivist/Historian for Thrivent Financial – the History of AAL

10-2011 Cindy Czarnik-Neimeyer, Appleton’s Bellaire Ct. Neighborhood

11-2011 Emily Gilbert, History of The Appleton Public Library

12-2011 No meeting, 2nd Conkey's Event report and 3rd History Fair report


5-2010 questionnaire/informational meeting

6-2010 Oganizational meeting

7-2010 Appleton collections at The Museum At The Castle

8-2010 Nancy Barker, stories from Appletons Taverns

9-2010 Tom Baron, The Fox River Heritage Parkway runs through Appleton

10-2010 Terry Bergen, Appleton Collections of the Outagamie Museum

11-2010 Arnold Nettekoven, Appleton’s Law Enforcement History

12-2010 No meeting, Christmas at Conkey's Event


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